The Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc. (PCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to appreciating and collecting glass paperweights. For over a half century, PCA has championed the study and collecting of antique, vintage, and contemporary glass paperweights. The mission of the PCA is to promote education: to increase knowledge about paperweights, their creators, and the astounding glass medium from which they are created.

The PCA consists of a convivial group of contemporary artists, dealers, collectors, libraries, and museums from around the globe. The interest in glass paperweights is the common thread that binds the membership: many of our members are just starting out with a few paperweights while others have established collections numbering in the thousands. There is something for every collector in terms of taste and budget. It is the variety and diversity of glass paperweights that make them so interesting to collect!

The Benefits of Membership

Members touring the PCA Dealers Fair

 As a PCA Member you will receive a newsletter four times a year and the PCA Annual Bulletin. The Annual Bulletin is the only publication of its kind and the preeminent source for all things paperweight related. It contains indispensable, up-to-date research on the great paperweight makers of the 19th century and the masters of the art today - detailing the happenings from around the world of all paperweight related news.

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Biennial Convention 

2017 Norfolk Convention Badge, Apple Paperweight and Folder

A great benefit of being a member of the Paperweight Collectors Association is being able to attend the bi-annual conventions which are often held in proximity to a world class paperweight collection. These are wonderful opportunities to gather with fellow collectors from around the world, meet paperweight artists, and add to your collection from the multitude of offerings presented by the many attending dealers. You will also learn more about paperweights from recognized experts in the field who provide identification clinics, workshops, and tutorials on various aspects of the hobby.

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