PCA Commemorative and Annual Paperweights

In prior years, it was tradition for the PCA to ask registered artists to submit a special paperweight design to commemorate the biennial convention. From the submissions, 2 or 3 designs were selected and offered as limited editions available for purchase by members and convention attendees. Beginning in 2023 this biennial tradition was expanded and a commemorative paperweight is now selected annually. Proceeds from these sales benefit both the artists and the PCA helping us continue our mission and better empower and support our artists, dealers and members. 

2024 Annual Paperweight 

This year artists took inspiration from the great state of Rhode Island, the location of the much anticipated 2024 Biennial Convention

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William Manson Jr.
Rhode Island Purple Violets on Jade
Diameter: 3 inches
A flamework bouquet of three violet
blossom on a transparent jade ground.
Limited Edition: 30
Clinton Smtih
Rhode Island Greening Apple
Diameter: 3 3/8 inches
Flamework green apples with blossoms,
buds and leaves on clear ground.
Limited Edition: 30


2023 Commemorative 70th Anniversary Paperweights

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of our organization, we have commissioned two commemorative paperweights. Invitations for submissions were sent to all registered PCA Artist Members. The artists were encouraged to explore PCA history, imagery and iconography as sources of inspiration. Submissions from four artists were received, from which these two designs were selected. Both draw inspiration from the famed antique Pantin "Bird in the Nest" owned by our founder Paul Jokelson. 

The Pantin “Bird in the Nest” was discovered by Paul in 1925 and is arguably the most important paperweight ever made. In an article titled “The Top Twelve Antique Paperweights” published in the 2005 PCA Bulletin, Kathy M. Moyer writes:

“It could be said that this is the weight which begat the PCA. While browsing in the antique stores in Paris in the early 1920’s, Paul Jokelson discovered the bird-in-nest paperweight and purchased it for 50 francs ($10). Little did he know what a tremendous impact would result from purchasing his first paperweight. Since the dealer was unable to supply him with additional information, Jokelson searched for other weights to learn more about the art form. In the process, he became an avid collector, connoisseur, author, and point man to prompt Baccarat and St. Louis to revive the lost art of paperweight making in 1952.”

With Paul Jokelson's new found passion it was decided in May of 1953 that an association of paperweight collectors 

With Paul Jokelson's new-found passion, it was decided in May of 1953 that an association of paperweight collectors would be created. In July of 1953, he announced the formation of the Paperweight Collectors Association by taking out an advertisement in "The Magazine Antique" which featured a photo of the prized "Bird in the Nest". It could be said that the "Bird in the Nest" was the PCA's unofficial logo for many years before the adoption of the current red and blue crown.

The PCA is pleased to offer these two limited-edition, commemorative 70th Anniversary paperweights. Weights will be available to purchase at 9am PST on Saturday, April 8th. These special paperweights are available exclusively to current members. You may register to join the PCA here. Each edition is limited on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to one of each paperweight per member. No additional orders will be taken for sold-out editions. 

Richard Loesel
Bird in the Nest with Flowers
Diameter: 3.25 Inches
Limited Edition 30
 A modern take on the famed Pantin Bird in the Nest featuring a yellow crested bird at rest on the edge of a nest with 3 blue eggs embraced by a thicket of green foliage, pink and white flowers and red berries set over an opaque white ground (click the photo for more details). Edition closed at 25. 
Damon MacNaught
Bird in the Nest crown
Diameter: 3.5 Inches
Limited Edition 70

Alternating white latticinio and red & blue ribbon twists adorned with a detailed picture cane as the focal. This design pays tribute to the famed Pantin Bird in Nest and the current PCA crown logo (click the photo for more details). Edition closed at 12.


2022 PCA Convention 

For the 2022 PCA Convention in Appleton/Neenah, WI we are proud to offer the following two limited edition paperweights. 

Richard Loesel
Flamework Wood Violet and Cranberry Bouquet
Diameter: 3.25 inches
 The design incorporates the wood violet (Wisconsin state flower) and cranberries which are the Wisconsin state fruit.
  Damon MacNaught
Honeybee with Torsade
Diameter: 3.5 inches
 Bee silhouette center Cane, (Wisconsin State Insect, adopted 1977), surrounded by honey comb complex canes. Pink torsade with heart cane accent. red/green canes alternating with star clusters


2019 PCA Convention

The 2019 PCA Convention in Dearborn, Michigan offered three commemorative paperweights for purchase (see below), but these are no longer available.

You can click on any of the images below to enlarge.

Feather Combed Weight With
Apple Blossom by Chris Sherwin.
2 7/8" diameter.

Spotted Butterfly Over Apple
Blossoms by Richard Loesel.
3 3/8" diameter.

Small Cherry Spoke Millefiori by Damon MacNaught.
2 9/16" diameter.