As a PCA member you will:

  • Join a community of others who share your interest in paperweights, including museum curators, artists, dealers, and the most knowledgeable collectors in the field
  • Have opportunities to expand and improve your paperweight collection
  • Receive up-to-date information to help identify and value pieces in your paperweight collection
  • Add to your reference library and receive information about paperweight collecting that is available nowhere else

Member Benefits:

  • PCA Annual Bulletin.  An electronic color copy of the Annual Bulletin is included in all memberships.  A full color printed copy of the Annual Bulletin is offered as a membership add-on.  Both versions of the Annual Bulletin contain articles about antique and contemporary paperweights and related objects.
  • Four information-packed Newsletters per year.  Electronic color copies of the newsletter are included in all memberships.  Black-and-white printed copies of the newsletters are offered as a membership add-on.
  • Access to the members-only portions of the PCA website 
  • Lists of PCA registered dealers and artists, museums with paperweight collections, and books on paperweights
  • Members may also attend a biennial convention featuring presentations by experts in the field, exhibits, workshops, and displays of paperweights for sale.
  • Artist and Dealer memberships include the benefits listed above and additional opportunities to promote their own businesses
  • Members who wish to contribute more significantly to the educational efforts of PCA may do so at various donor levels. There are a number of annual benefits offered that coincide with each level of charitable donation
  • Memberships are issued on a calendar year basis



Annual Dues

Student $10
Collector (Basic Household Membership, for one or two individuals per household) $35
Artists & Dealer (Includes Collector level membership plus additional $20 charge) $55


Additional Add-ons

Annual Fee

Printed Annual Bulletin $35
Shipping for Non-US Members (Covers shipping international expenses for Newsletter and/or Bulletin) $25
Printed B/W Quarterly Newsletter $15
Crown Charitable Donation $55
Crystal Charitable Donation $230



Annual Benefits

Donor Levels

Bird in the Nest

Newsletter Recognition

1yr Free Electronic Gift Membership for friend/family


Bulletin Recognition


Leather Bound Bulletin


PCA Annual Swag


Annual Paperweight (Up to $700Value)


Special Paperweight Related Experience



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