Membership Benefits

As a PCA member you will receive electronic color copies of the Annual Bulletin and Quarterly Newsletters,  access to the members-only portions of the PCA website and the option of purchasing the printed copies of the Annual Bulletin and Quarterly Newsletters. The Annual Bulletin is the only publication of its kind and the preeminent source for all things paperweight related. It contains indispensable, up-to-date research on the great paperweight makers of the 19th century and the masters of the art today - detailing the happenings from around the world of all paperweight related news.

2019 PCA Convention Dearborn, MI

 List of Benefits:
  • PCA Annual Bulletin.  An electronic color copy of the Annual Bulletin is included in all memberships.  A full color printed copy of the Annual Bulletin is offered as a membership add-on.  Both versions of the Annual Bulletin contain articles about antique and contemporary paperweights and related objects.
  • Four information-packed Newsletters per year.  Electronic color copies of the newsletter are included in all memberships.  Black-and-white printed copies of the newsletters are offered as a membership add-on.
  • Access to the members-only portions of the PCA website
  • Lists of PCA registered dealers and artists, museums with paperweight collections, and books on paperweights
  • Members may also attend a biennial convention featuring presentations by experts in the field, exhibits, workshops, and displays of paperweights for sale.
  • Artist and Dealer memberships include the benefits listed above and additional opportunities to promote their own businesses
  • Members who wish to contribute more significantly to the educational efforts of PCA may do so at various donor levels. There are are a number of annual benefits offered that coincide with each level of charitable donation. 
  • Memberships are issued on a calendar year basis


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