The 2003 PCA Convention
San Antonio, Texas

2003 PCA Convention: San Antonio, Texas
2003 Convention — San Antonio, Texas

One of the benefits of becoming a member of the Paperweight Collectors Association is that you can attend the biennial PCA Convention, which is a gathering of paperweight collectors, makers, and dealers. Our 2003 convention was held in San Antonio, Texas. Most of the presentations that were delivered were accompanied by colored handouts that provided summations of the presentations and illustrations of the paperweights that were discussed in the presentation. We are making the handouts of some of those presentations available here.

  • 100LeastImportantHandout (PDF) This presentation by Gary McClanahan and William Gaskill covered a broad overview of interesting and collectible paperweights.

  • BobHallHandOut (PDF) This presentation covered English factories, especially Islington.

  • GayTaylorHandOut (PDF) This presentation covered the history of the Gillinder Bros glass firm.

  • JerrGardHandOut (PDF) This presentation covered an overview of old and new knowledge about French paperweights of the classic period.

  • JimBrownHandOut (PDF) This presentation was used in the BOF about the Future of Millefiori.

  • JimLeFeverBookList (PDF) This presentation contains the book lists that defined the reference materials available to collectors.

  • MarshallDeitschHandOut (PDF) This presentation covered the paperweights and other glass objects created by the Gillinder family at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia.

  • RogerJacobsenHandOut (PDF) This presentation was used in the BOF about Union Glass, Somerville, Massachusetts.

  • RoyBrownHandOut (PDF) This presentation was used in the BOF entitled "Roy's Magic Box".

  • WilliamGaskillHandOut (PDF) This presentation was used in the BOF about English bottle-glass paperweights and whimsies.

The following presentation is provided as a courtesy to the attendees of the Convention. The PCA does not endorse, recommend, or suggest any products of services from any vendor or company.

  • ChubbPresentation (PDF) This presentation was provided by the Chubb Group and discussed some ways of insuring you paperweight collection.