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 Subject : help with a 1980's circa paperweight ID.. 03/03/2021 11:56:27 AM 
Mary Jo Holohan
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I got into Paperweights after my mother passed away some 20 years ago and I found some paperweights among her things. There are a couple that I call "Gift Store" weights and have beeen unable to find out anything about them by doing a Google search.

On the bottom, pressed into the glass are the letters CCMSA.
One is CCMSA #6, 1983. Another is CCMSA 40th, 47-87. They each have clear glass bubbles as part of the design then they vary - flowers, bubbles only , etc.

Anyone have any knowledge of this brand? Might it be Chinese?

Thank you,

Mary Jo Holohan
 Subject : Re:help with a 1980's circa paperweight ID.. 01/03/2023 09:43:42 PM 
Eric Jump
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Hi Mary. Can you please attach a photo?
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