The 2022 PCA Convention

As you are aware by now, the 2020 WheatonArts Paperweight Fest had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  The uncertainty surrounding this world-wide crisis made rescheduling this event for later this year unwise and impractical.  We paperweight collectors were thus deprived of our 2020 “big event” which traditionally has been held on even numbered years.  As you might suspect, the loss of one of WheatonArt’s main events creates a significant financial challenge for them to overcome for the remainder of this year as well as 2021.

After a thorough review of this situation with WheatonArts and a discussion of what would be best for the paperweight community as a whole in the future, the PCA Board of Directors unanimously voted to reschedule our next convention to 2022 and allow WheatonArts to run the next Paperweight Fest in our 2021 slot.  Bringing the Fest forward one year should help alleviate the looming financial hardship to WheatonArts and hopefully guarantee that the paperweight world will be able to enjoy its two biennial “big events” for some time to come.  Our current plan is that starting next year, the Paperweight Fest will be run on odd-numbered years and the PCA convention on even numbered years.

As plans for the 2022 Convention are set developments will be posted here.

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